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There're more than 12 types of mountings available, and there're more specification for every type of mountings, it's strongly recommend to have the appropriate measurements of mounting decive when selecting the caster, please refer to related product details page for standard mountings, or contace us for detailed mounting system to order optional mountings.


Top Plate Mountings - Top plate mounting is usually used for all types of casters, which is with wide range of bolt hole spacing for different equipments and different countries.

Threaded Stem Mountings - The models of threaded stem mounting feature a hex nut beneath the raceway making it fast and easy to install casters on a wide variety of equipment.

Grip Ring Mountings - Spring grip on top of stem holds caster firmly in place.

Round Stem Mountings - Stems may be bolted or riveted against any flat vertical surface.

Modular Stem Mountings - Also called Bolt Hole Mounting, the modular stem casters feature a hollow rivet which will accept a wide variety of mounting stems and it can supply the mounting fasteners or stems.



Square Stem Mountings - Stems may be bolted or riveted against any flat vertical surface. Standard Mounting is four 17/64" diameter holes are drilled in square stem, two per side.

Plastic Adapter Mountings - Plastic adapter is non-conductive, and snaps easily in place to reduce distortion and damage to furniture and equipment tubing.

Expanding Adapter Mountings - Turning of octagon on upper raceway expands rubber adapter inside of round or square tubing for a tight, permanent fit.

Wood Furniture Stem Mountings - For use on wood furniture that can accept a 3/8" diameter hole approximately 1-5/8" deep and standard pressed steel adapter with toothed base is supplied.

Pipe Thread Mountings - Fits standard 3/4" pipe coupling. The pipe thread stem screws directly into a standard pipe coupling for a rigid and permanent fit with full swivel action. The 7/16" hex nut beneath the lower raceway makes it fast and easy to install these casters on a wide variety of equipment.

Kingpin-less Mountings - It does not have a bolt and nut kingpin. The raceways are a one piece construction forged together. This design is extremely durable and can be used in abusive applications and shock load applications where kingpin type casters may fail.

Adjustable Mountings - It is special mounting with adjustable loading height, general is applied to baking equipment.


It's just show common mounting types for your easy reference purpose.

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